Woman baffled after bride requests she doesn’t wear makeup to her wedding

Getting married can be a crazy time and any bride can feel very pressured ahead of their big day.

But one woman seems to have gone a little too far with her control over her wedding – if a request to her maid-of-honour was anything to go by.

She was left reeling after she learnt that the bride doesn’t want her to wear makeup – over fear she’d upstage her.

She asked for advice on Reddit, as she admitted she was thinking about not going due to the unusual request.

“I’ve been breaking my back for months now, even taking time off work, to help her with planning and all the other things that go into a wedding,” she wrote.

“To be clear, I do not want to or plan to end this friendship over this, I just don’t really know what to do

“For context: I am a makeup artist, I wear makeup every day, and I am good at it. In my opinion (and as my friend had told me) I am significantly more attractive with makeup on, and in all honestly, I lack confidence without it.”

Continuing the post, the woman admitted she is insecure about a scar on her face – and in the past, her ‘friend’ has exploited this.

This includes her friend telling men interested in her that they should see her without makeup, or saying that her appearance can be “wiped away” if she receives a compliment.

While for many people, this would be enough to end the friendship, the woman says the bride has apologised and blamed it on being jealous that she gets more male attention.

The post continues: “This morning, I woke up to a text from her thanking me for all my help these past months and saying she had an important request for me: that I don’t wear any makeup to her wedding.

“She says if I wear makeup I will “overshadow” (her words) her at her own wedding and it would be unfair because she wants to feel like the most beautiful person in the room as the bride.”

After the woman offered to tone down her makeup, the bride refused, even though the maid-of-honour is set to also do the bride’s makeup.

“She turned this down and said I absolutely cannot wear makeup, it’s her wedding, a real friend would want her to have the perfect day, etc.

“She accused me of wanting to take the attention from her on her special day, etc. She absolutely refuses to compromise, despite not being able to answer why I specifically can’t wear makeup but everyone else can.”

Looking for advice on Reddit, the woman asked if she should not attend the wedding.

Unsurprisingly, people overwhelmingly felt that she should not go to the wedding, or be friends with this woman anymore.

“That woman is actively insulting your appearance to other people. She’s so petty and jealous she’s trying to block you with men who might be interested in you. And now she refuses to let you wear makeup at her wedding?

“Drop out if being a MOH. Drop out of attending her wedding. Drop out of doing her makeup. Drop out of having any relationship with her. She is not your friend,” wrote one person.

Another agreed, writing: “It sounds like this friend hates you with all the passive-aggressive s*** she says to potential dates. Please drop out of this wedding and friendship.”